Rummy Facts

Many people in the world love playing games like Rummy Ares and are also interested in learning Rummy secrets. Rummy is one of the popular games, especially among Indians who love playing it while socializing with friends and family. Fortunately, there are many online rummy platforms where users can enjoy playing their favorite rummy games such as Rummy Ares APK.

Rummy has been here for a long time, but there are many intriguing facts about Rummythat most people are not aware of. We have made a list of Fun facts about playing Rummy that you may or may not know earlier.

Rummy has more than 60 game variations

As mentioned earlier, rummy is a very popular card game, to that extent to have around 60 different variations. Indian rummy is the most common version but there are other variations such as Shanghai rummy, Gin rummy, Knock rummy, Points rummy, 500 rummy, Pool rummy, and many more.

There is a rummy record you must know

Though rummy is a favorite game of many people, some take their interest to another level. There is a Lesser-known Rummy information that a passionate player has won the game with a margin of 500 points! As an interested rummy player, you must know how much dedication would have needed to win the game by such a big margin. The record is still on the table waiting other players to beat.

Joker was the contribution of America

Another Hidden Rummy Knowledge! Joker is the most helpful card in the game, but most players don’t know that it was not part of the game until the Americans introduced it during the Civil War. Joker was first introduced as a trump card for the game Euchre. As the Americans are very much fond of trump cards, they included it in the rummy too. Well, that was a good decision.

‘PAPLU’ is the nickname of Indian rummy

Want to know more surprising rummy details? Here comes another one: Indian rummy has its own name ‘PAPLU’. The name has been made of using rummy terminology. There is other two words being used while playing rummy game. Other two are Tiplu and Nichlu. These names are used to identify the 3-point cards in the game. Yet another interesting thing about PAPLU is it is also called marriage rummy as it was usually played during lengthy marriage ceremonies in India to pass the time.

Americans love playing GIN rummy

Like Indian rummy for Indians, Americans have GIN rummy to play and enjoy. This is one the most common versions of rummy. It was a craze for Americans in the 1940s to play GIN rummy. In this game, the player who scores 100 points first would win the game. This is a 2-player card game being played widely in America.

One another interesting fact is that the game was played for ‘RUM’. Losers had to get the next round of drinks for players on the table. Thus, these interesting facts give you some Rummy game insights to improve your knowledge and talent in playing the game.